Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • Protective Packaging
  • Eco Green Manufacturing 
  • Quality Paper Pulp from ITC-PSPD  
  • Delivery & Tracking
  • Strong Sun Dry Trays 
  • Expanding to Various Other Products 

Meet Our Managing Director

A Successful Entrepreneur



Managing Director

He always said " The possibilities of make the mother nature secure from white pollution are more than one can even imagine, I am trying to use my experience and capacity to use Paper Pulp for Various Products".
25 years in the paper pulp manufacturing business, Mr. Chalama Reddy is renowned person in ITC-PSPD paper pulp Contractors and egg tray manufacturing industries in the district of Bhadradhi-Kothagudam, Telangana, India. In 1994, he started as paper pulp contractor between ITC-PSPD and SRI SAINATH ENTERPRISES. In the initial business days, there is no awareness to use the paper pulp for various different recyclable products. Mr. Reddy had found an alternative for then used jute material in between large paper bundles replaced by the paper pulp sundry board. This was his first successful step in this business. Then after he had gone along the different contractors and industries which can use this recycled paper pulp to join under his alliance. He had 46 paper pulp using companies that are contracted to ITC-PSPD. For almost 20 years he had managed and made different industries to use recycled paper pulp for manufacturing. For the past 7 years he had been in the Egg Tray Manufacturing Industry. He started building SRI RAMANJANAYA EGG TRAY INDUSTRIES.
SRI RAMANJANAYA EGG TRAY INDUSTRIES is a new company with an improved manufacturing process and enthusiastic idea of MR. Reddy.